20 students of Olila High School in Soroti City have been arrested for alleged involvement in a strike.

The students went rowdy on Sunday evening after an S.4 student was assaulted by a teacher for allegedly escaping from school.

One of the security guards at the school says that the teachers and security personnel were trying to get hold of the friend who escorted Okello back to school for explanations when students turned violent. They hurled stones at the teachers and security guards.

“Some students thought that we were beating their colleague. They picked up stones and started throwing them at us. Because we didn’t want the situation to get any worse, we had to call the police”, the security guard who preferred anonymity said. 

The students destroyed property in the dormitories that window glasses, electric wires, and bulbs. 

Oscar Gregg Ageca, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman says they are investigating the school to establish the cause of the strike. Ageca said that he had not yet been furnished with the particulars of the students under custody since the officers were recording statements.

David Omaali, the Headteacher says the students were involved in acts of hooliganism.

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