The Vice President of Uganda, H.E. Jessica Alupo, has rallied the people of Gogonyo County to heap their support upon the NRM Flagbearer in order to maintain a link with the central government.

Alupo made the call today while campaigning for the NRM flagbearer in the Gogonyo by-elections, Hon. Orone Derrick. She said that an NRM legislative representative is a channel through which the government directs resources to serve the people.

“The right candidate to support in this contest is Hon. Derrick because he’s the direct channel for the people of Gogonyo to the central government.” The Vice President said

She revealed that the government was to construct seed secondary schools in the two sub-counties of Kaukura and Obutet that did not have a government-aided seed school.

“The government is committed to implementing its policy of ensuring that there is a secondary school in every sub-county to provide quality education services in the country,” she said.

On health, the Vice President said that the government was to upgrade the two health centre IIs in the two sub-counties of Obutet and Kaukura to health centre IIIs and also upgrade Gogonyo health centre III to health centre IV.

“The government’s policy on health is to ensure all Ugandans have access to quality and affordable health care so as to promote a healthy and productive life. We shall, therefore, upgrade the Kaukura and Gogonyo health centers, “Alupo noted.

On his part, Hon. Orone thanked the Vice President for sparing time off her busy schedule to canvass support for his candidature. He pledged to continue his pro-people work and progress towards the socio-economic development of the people of Gogonyo.

“For the one year I’ve been in Parliament, we’ve delivered on some of my campaign promises, like the ambulance and the establishment of Pallisa FM. Send me back to parliament to deliver all that I pledged in my manifesto.”

The NRM Director for Mobilisation, Hon Rosemary Seninde, reminded the people of the pledges implemented by Hon Orone during his one-year stay in Parliament and urged them to support him so that he is able to complete the remaining pledges.

You will not regret it when you vote for Orone. He is the best candidate to take Gogonyo forward. The one year he has spent in Parliament is enough testimony to show you that he can deliver,” Seninde said.

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