Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has deployed heavily along the Teso-Karamoja border to stop suspected Karimojong warriors from raiding livestock from Teso region.

The deployment follows increased incursions by the rustlers into Katakwi, Amuria, Kapelebyong and Abim districts over the past three weeks forcing hundreds of families to flee their homes.

Major Isac Oware, the UPDF 3rd Infantry Division Spokesman has confirmed the development, saying they are deploying a battalion in Teso to cover the areas of Kapelebyong, Amuria and Katakwi.

He says that another battalion will be set up in Abim district to cover Otuke and Agago districts.

A battalion comprises 740 soldiers. The first two battalions arrived on Friday 15th, 2022 and have strategically deployed on the borders of Teso and Karamoja.

According to Major Oware, more troops will be deployed to boost the existing manpower in Karamoja districts.

“Government is not taking the issues of Karamoja lightly and people should not panic. The Karamoja situation is going to be dealt with accordingly, “he said.

We have learnt that the troops are part of the soldiers passed out by the president, Yoweri Museveni last week.

During the event, Museveni said the problem of Karamoja will be solved. URN has learnt that president, Museveni intends to pitch camp in Karamoja where he will meet various stakeholders to explore ways of ending the current insecurity.

Joseph Opolot, a resident of Kapelebyong district has welcomed the deployment of soldiers along the border but appealed to commanders to monitor their movements. “These soldiers need the commanders to be near them so that they don’t misuse the guns again and become a menace,” he said.

Gladys Lorika, a resident of Alekilek in Iriri sub-county in Napak district welcomed the deployment of troops and hailed the leadership of Karamoja and Teso for speaking with a single voice demanding the deployment of more soldiers in Karamoja.

“Am convinced that this deployment is a result of several complains raised by our leaders both in Teso and Karamoja,” she said.

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