Opposition politician, Dr Kizza Besigye, has Tuesday been taken to Naggalama Police Station following his arrest in Kampala as he held protests against high commodity prices in the country.

The four time presidential candidate successfully beat security stationed at his home for almost a fortnight now to make his way to the City Centre.

Scores of his supporters at Arua Park were seen chanting praises towards him as Besigye who also heads the People’s Front for Transition, an opposition pressure group, used megaphones mounted on his car to rally Ugandans to “wake up” and join him to protest against skyrocketing prices of essential commodities and what he termed as stupid succession of the presidency in the making as opposed to transition.

Dr Kizza Besigye’s car being towed from the city center. Photo credit Abubaker Lubowa.

It was at this point that security deployed heavily in the area and had him arrested with three other individuals.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, SP Patrick Onyango, says Besigye’s intentions are geared towards destabilizing the country particularly Kampala Metropolitan Area.

He says planned demonstrations against increasing commodity prices are only a cover up to their sinister motives.

“This is a political move to relaunch Dr Kizza Besigye into the political arena,” says Onyango.

As such, Onyango says Besigye’s arrest today was based on “an illegal rally” he staged in the middle of the road at Arua Park in the City Centre without considering other road users.

“Police had to use reasonable force by towing away their motor vehicle registration number UAN 661V Toyota Land cruiser to CPS Kampala where they were arrested, searched and later detained,” explains Onyango.

Police has since identified other people arrested with Besigye as his driver Kato Fred, Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku and Kintu Faruk Yoweri who have all be charged with inciting to violence.

Police has also charged Besigye’s driver with careless or inconsiderate use of motor vehicle.

Onyango would later rally politicians to always use right channels to address whatever issues they have as opposed to engaging in illegal activities, saying everybody is expected to abide by law in the country.

“We have the Public Order Management Act which guides us on how to regulate any political activities. So, we request the political actors to always notify us about activities they have such that we guide them accordingly,” Onyango said.

Uganda is for months faced with high prices of essential commodities which government attributes to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as well as the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

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