The Electoral Commission (EC) has issued an official programme for a by- election in Omoro county following the death and burial of the Omoro County MP and former Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah on Friday.

The programme that commences on the April 14th, 2022 with an update of the National Voters Register also covers by- election for the Omoro district Woman councilor for Lalogi/Lakwaya following the resignation of Caroline Nyakorach.

Speaking on Saturday, EC Spokesperson Paul Bukenya said update of the voters’ register in each of the thirty seven parishes in the constituency will last five days until the 19th of April.

“The Commission has picked Tuesday 19th April 2022 as the cut- off date for registration of voters. Registration and transfer of voters from one polling station to another within the county will not be conducted after this date,” he said.

As required by the law, this exercise will be followed by display of the National Voters’ Register which is slated for between 25th of April and 5th of May at the eighty four polling stations in the constituency.

Then there will be a two day nomination exercise on the May 12-13th, 2022. He said already Secretary Generals of the various political parties have been notified to prepare candidates who will take part.

Campaigns will be held for a week before conducting elections on May 26th. The Parliamentary Election Act, 2005 requires a by-election to be held within 60 days after the vacancy has occurred.

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