Armed Karimojong raiders

Communities affected by cattle rustling in the Teso Sub Region have asked religious leaders to spearhead efforts to end recent the vice. 

The appeal was raised during a visit by a team of religious leaders to calm down communities affected by cattle rustling.  The visit was organized by Teso Religious Leaders Efforts for Peace & Reconciliation (TERELEPER) the unifying umbrella organization.

Members include Bishop Kosea Odongo of Soroti Anglican Diocese Soroti, Bishop Joseph Eciru Oliach Soroti Catholic diocese, Bishop Kokas Olupot Pentecostal Revival Ministry, and Sheik Ismael Ocen Teso District Khadi 

The religious leaders held brief prayers at Kapelebyong district headquarters before getting visiting the camps. They include Obulin in Okungur sub-county and Omokor in Okoboi parish Kapelebyong sub-county in Kapelebyong district. 

Francis Akorikin, the LCV Chairperson Kapelebyong said that religious leaders play a crucial role in society. He emphasized the need for religious leaders from Teso to reach out to the religious leaders in Karamoja and find out how to end the hostilities brewing against neighboring people.  

Stella Rose Akiteng pleaded with the religious leaders to take the matter seriously and do whatever it takes to bring back peace, coexistence, and reconciliation between the people of Teso and Karamoja. 

Jimmy Erau the Chairperson of LCIII Kapelebyong sub-county appreciated the role of the religious leaders. He said that they have restored hope and confidence among the affected communities.

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