The Ethiopia National Defence Forces (ENDF) continues to register overwhelming victory in their effort to restore everlasting peace in the northern part of the country where TPLF rebels have for more than a year killed and committed several atrocities on innocent people.

This news website understands that the national army has also taken control over towns of Majete, Chereti, Kemise, Farke, Woledi, Albuko and most parts of Kalu Woreda all earlier invaded and occupied by the terrorists.

Since last month when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that he had gone to the battlefront, the army has given a bloody nose to TPLF rebels. Many of them are retreating from areas they invaded while others are surrendering in a show of conceeding defeat.

This week, areas of Gashena, Burqa and Lalibela towns were also liberated. Gashena is important due to its geographic advantages for miltary activities and being a corridor for connecting other important towns. Knowing this , TPLF fortfied heavily in this front. Breaking this stronghold sweeps the path to complete the war in a short time for the victorious ethiopian forces.

Retaking Kasagita and Chifra are militarily strategic as it dried up TPLF’s ambition of controlling Mille which is a lifeline for the import-export activities of the country via Djibouti.

The victories are consistent with the recent assurance by the Prime Minister Abiy to all the people of Ethiopia that victory is inevitable if they all unite for the good cause of defending the country against its enemies.

“When Ethiopian people unite in all fields, the result is victory. In person, in diplomacy, in economics, in communication, in food production, in caring for a soldier, in maintaining order and in supporting the displaced. Congratulations on all fronts for your entire campaign,” said Abiy recently.

Who are the TPLF Terrorists?

TPLF was among the many armed groups that fought the Federal Military Rule in the 1970s and 1980s, communist in ideology and establishing an Independent Tigray was its ultimate goal.

Later in the downfall of the Military regime, TPLF in coalition with other Ethnic based parties formed EPRDF and ruled the country for 27 years, a period in which millions of Ethiopians suffered widespread political repressions, economic as well as social marginalization.

After waves of popular protests that swept across the country and internal struggles within the ruling party for almost two years, Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018 through elections.

Soon after Abiy took office, deep political and economic reforms were implemented in Ethiopia in order to overcome the multi-faceted and complex socio-political and economic problems of the country.

Among the others, the Government of Ethiopia released political prisoners and journalists and invited exiled political parties and armed groups to take part in peaceful political contestations.

The new leadership did not take any retributive measures against TPLF as a vengeful punishment as some people continue to wrongly claim.

However, angered by the unexpected loss of the disproportionate influence and undue privilege they enjoyed, powerful figures within the TPLF led the clique into self-isolation and a senseless blame game.

They heavily involved in planning and implementing violence and conflict currently seen in the country.

TPLF has shown the world that if it does not maintain its grip on power entirely, it is ready to disturb the country at the cost of millions of lives of Ethiopians. Their leadership started by saying that they would go for a war if a blockage is placed on their way to maintaining hegemony, something they have since effected.

The Prime Minister is on record for having severally expressed his deepest desire that the government did not want to hear a single gun-shot in Tigray, and indeed this desire had captured the whole conviction of the Ethiopian government until everything had to change on November 4, 2020 when the group attacked military facilities.

TPLF’s intention was to break the chain of command of the Defense force and acquire over 80% of the National Army’s possession, which was in the region, and change the leadership of the country forcefully, leading to several months of fighting.

The government of Ethiopia, acting on the understanding that TPLF worked to keep the pains of people in the region for its survival purpose, declared a Unilateral Ceasefire which was not respected by the rebels but instead amplified the war by invading neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara where they as well committed several atrocities on the people including rape, murder, displacement and using children as soldiers.

The group in collaboration with international media and and its western sympathisers has invested in trading false propaganda about the war. It is now a month since multinational news-based pay television channel CNN told lies to the world that the terforists had seized the Capital Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian people both in the country and those abroad have openly through demonstrations expressed disapproval of the intervention West in the internal issues of Ethiopia. They categorically vow to support the legitimate government against any form of aggression.

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