On behalf of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat , the party president and presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections has wished the moslems a happy Ramadan.

While addressing Journalists at the FDC party offices in Najjanakumbi on Entebbe Road Amuriat calls upon the moslems to share the little they have with those those that luck .

Amuriat calls upon the moslem brothers and sisters to use this fasting to pray for the problems of Uganda .

Amuriat says that the problems of Uganda include :the high prices of fuel which are allegedly said to be partly responsible for the increase in commodities in the country.

The moslems commenced their holy month of Ramadan on Saturday April 2.

During this holy month of Ramadan moslems especially those who can afford are required to give back to God through helping the needy .This can be done through sharing food with those who luck .

Giving back is a sign of thanking God for his goodness.

The FDC has wished the moslems that all their prayers during this holy month of Ramadan are answered by God.

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