Fraud, con men and false prophets who invoke God’s name as a shield to defraud and cheat their unsuspecting followers as well as depriving them from the true gospel, are working religiously to taint the image and tarnish the reputation of Pastor Jackson Senyonga.

Senyonga, the founder and lead pastor of Christian Life Church (CLC) in Kampala has for years taken a firm stance against false prophets – standing in their way, by publicly rebuking them and exposing their ungodly acts as well as rallying the public to isolate them.

Irritated by Senyonga’s unending ‘war’ against them and his unquenchable thirst to have them exposed, con men have previously deployed various tactics to silence him including reportedly threatening his life. The moves however suffered a silent death.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga during one of the services at Christian Life Church.

The mafia pastors are living in fear since some of the crimes they have committed to their followers are catching up with them.

This investigative news website, has exclusively learnt that the group is now in overdrive to hit Senyonga where it hurts most – his name and reputation.

They are disturbed by the fact that Pastor Senyonga has offered himself as a good Samaritan to warn the public about how dangerous they are to the society.

Our investigation reveal that in January and February, several meetings were convened in Kampala and orchestrated a plan they believe will not leave the man “who has proved a real pain in our neck” standing.

Some of the meetings were attended by top managers of leading dailies.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga

During the meetings, the group resolved to launch a media war against Senyonga through sponsoring a series of misinforming news articles in both online publications and mainstream news papers tarnishing and blackmailing him.

This can be explained by how one of the leading dailies in the country and some hired online publications have in the past embarked on publishing a series of stories on the high court case involving suspects alleged to be Senyonga’s body guards, in a way that creates an impression that the pastor himself was involved.

“Publication of the negative stories was to commence at the end of February but the topmost editors had until March not sanctioned the smear campaign against Pastor Senyonga,” says an impeccable source who attended some of the meetings.

She says it was agreed that such stories are consistently written with screaming headlines in order to create an immediate and huge impact.

“This is already taking place,” she says. For example in the ongoing high court case, Pastor Senyonga is not in any way liable or involved in the alleged crime but his name is constantly fronted by the daily.

“It is part of the plan. They resolved to always come up with negative stories about anything that has a connection to the Pastor,” says the source. “That, they think he will be finished and back off their dealings,” she adds.

Whereas it is an ethical requirement for journalists to give all sides of the story during their work, Ssenyonga’s side was never given attention in all the articles written by the publications, explicitly confirming a sinister motive behind them.

The source says the false prophets want the publications to advance the false propaganda and misinformation campaign until Senyonga quits speaking about them.

Led by Pastor Jackson Senyonga, religious leaders in the born again faith in 2017 denounced three top city pastors.

This declaration was made after a consultantative meeting of over 5,000 pastors from across the country gathered at Christian Life Church, chaired by the Overseer, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC), Bishop Joshua Lwere.

“We denounce the so called pastors and prophets mentioned, who totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the holy Bible and Christian church,” said Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga while addressing the media.

Pastor Senyonga said that the pastors received overwhelming complaints and evidence from hundreds of people who were victimized or witnessed the horrendous activities and crimes.

Senyonga said that the three ‘false prophets’ and their churches masquerade and disguise as Bible teachers on the surface with a soft spoken approach yet they are wrong doers and invoking spirits of the dead.

“They manipulate scriptures, stage manage miracles and also commit crimes against humanity by involvement in occult worship, witchcraft, use and worship of snakes, beast worship, blood sacrifice, destroying marriages, families, human sacrifice among others,” Senyonga explained.

The spiritual leaders launched a campaign against all false prophets in the country with the aim of alerting Ugandans and causing government to take actions against such people.

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