At least four students will miss the 19th Kyambogo University graduation ceremony after being found guilty of attempting to manipulate their marks using the students’ portal. Professor Elia Katunguka, the University Vice Chancellor said during a pre-graduation press conference held at the main building. The University will graduate 10926 students from various fields at the three-day graduation ceremonies  

“There are four students but the number could change, so I don’t have clear numbers but those four who were cleared in an attempt to alternate marks, their names removed from the graduation list,” he said. The Vice-Chancellor, who did not reveal the students’ names, stated that they approached him after their names were deleted from the graduation list. However, after further investigation, he discovered that these students had attempted to use ICT department officials to modify their grades.  

He explained that the university authorities detected the discrepancies during the scrutiny process conducted by heads of departments where original copies of marks held by department heads did not align with the online records, prompting further investigation. It is from this background that these students were removed from the list and the people involved from the ICT department were also apprehended.    

Katunguka further sounded a warning to confirmed graduates that investigations are still ongoing and they have the policy to revoke any degree after finding out that one student compromised the system and graduated illegally.  

The three-day graduation ceremony, scheduled from 6th to 8th December, will commence with the faculties of Special Needs and Rehabilitation, followed by the School of Management and Entrepreneurship. According to Katunguka, President Yoweri Museveni is anticipated to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest on the inaugural day.  

Among the 10926 graduates, 6116 among them are male students, 4808 are female students and 483 among them are students who attained degrees.  The University will also graduate eight Ph.D. students, an increase from 5 who graduated last year. 

The University has been emphasizing more on postgraduate studies We are glad that every year we graduate more Ph.D. students, this time we are graduating 8 students with PhDs, and six of them are from education and two from the faculty of science.”  

Meanwhile, Katunguka also warned students who intend to add their names to the graduation booklets when they have not attained the specific degrees before adding that the graduates’ transcripts will be out immediately after graduation.


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