More than 100 acres of crop gardens and houses have been destroyed following a hailstorm in Adilang Town Council and Laperebong Sub-County in Agago district.  The hailstorm, which started at around 10 pm on Tuesday night is said to have lasted for more than two hours, ravaging all kinds of crops and vegetation.

It also affected domestic animals and chickens that are normally left to sleep on trees. More than 800 households are estimated to have been affected. Joel Otto, the LCI of Oloko Ki Winyo in Lumule Ward, says they were still moving in all the gardens to register affected farmers and get the exact extent of the destruction.  Otto, who is also a farmer says he lost an acre of ground nuts, two acres of sorghum, an acre of sunflower, and two acres of maize.      

Otto appeals to the government to rescue the affected people with fast-maturing crops and relief aid.  

Josca Koko, a resident of Lumule West Cell says she lost two acres of maize, two acres of sorghum, an acre of simsim, and an acre of Mung beans and sunflower.  She estimates that she could have gotten at least 5 million shillings if the crops matured.  

Bosco Koko the speaker of Adilang Town Council says he lost two acres of maize, two acres of simsim an acre of cassava, and an acre of pigeon peas.

Santo Sans Ongom, the LC III Chairperson of Adilang Town Council, says that the hailstorm blew off the roofs of two classroom blocks, and part of the roof of a classroom block in Adilang Secondary School while the roofs of six houses in the Town Council were also blown off.  

Ongom who estimates that at least 150 acres of crop gardens have been destroyed, says they are compiling a list of the affected institutions and households for possible support.

This is the second year in a row that the Adilang Town Council is experiencing a devastating hailstorm. In June 2022, a hailstorm destroyed several acres of crops in the same area.

On August 31, the Uganda National Meteorological Authority, UNMA announced that the country will experience heavy rainfall from September to December.


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