As Ugandans continue raising concern over the high costs of essential household commodities in the country, Nakaseke District MP Sarah Najjuma has implored government to waive taxes on raw materials for manufacturing such goods.

For a couple of weeks now, Uganda is experiencing rising prices of fuel, soap, cooking oil, sugar and other commodities.

Some manufacturers of these products blame government for imposing an import duty on the raw materials used to produce soap and detergents at 10 per cent where there was previously no tax on such materials.

While appearing on Beat FM on Sunday, Najjuma revealed that a bar of soap in some areas in Nakaseke district costs Shs10,000, a cost she says people can not afford, thus asking government to reign-in and normalize the situation.

“Our people are really badly off, they are coming from lockdown and now slapped with high commodity prices,” Najjuma said.

“Government should rise to the occasion and normalize the situation, our people are really badly off, we can not just look on. There are conditions that require a woman to bathe thrice a day, they need soap. Children cannot go to school without bathing. Even if it means waiving off taxes on these essential goods, let it be done,” she added.

Last week, the same concerns were raised on the floor of parliament which prompted the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Annet Anita Among to Deputy Speaker, Anita Among to task the State Minister for Finance, Henry Musasizi to act on the matter with urgency saying the analysis of the problem is necessary but must be expedited.

She asked the him to also report on the status of implementation of recommendations of Parliament’s Trade Committee on high prices of fuel, which is expected to happen on Tuesday.

Now according to Najjuma, all members of Parliament need to keep present on Tuesday and seek answers from the Minister.

“Next week, the State Minister for Finance, will present a report detailing the cause of the rising commodity prices. Let us all (MPs) be there so we analyze his report and guide where necessary otherwise things are not fine – everything is costly,” she said.

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