The Ministry of ICT has finalized the development of the Parish Development Model Management Information System, according to the state minister of ICT, Geoffrey Kabyanga.

The ICT Ministry is charged with the responsibility of spearheading Pillar 5 of the Parish Development Model, which involves setting up the Management Information System, to among others validate information about the beneficiaries, evaluate the livelihood and standards of living of people and track the progress and performance of the different pillars so as to report the real-time implementation of the program.

Under the arrangement, the Ministry of ICT intends to buy devices, particularly computers, to give parish chiefs and train them and other government leaders on how to collect information and feed it to the central database for monitoring.

Kabyanga said in an interview that they are currently working with the Uganda Bureau of Statistics to ensure that all data being collected is well fed into the system.

The intervention was based on reports that several government projects have failed because of a weak monitoring and evaluation system which makes it difficult to measure the impact of the intervention and ascertain its success.

Kabyanga said that the new Parish Development Model Management Information System will have dashboards in all relevant offices to ensure that all responsible persons including the CAO’s are monitoring activities being undertaken in the parishes.

Kasese Municipality MP Ferigo Kambale is hopeful that such a system will make it easy to measure the impact of the Parish Developement Model, and added that leaders are equally committed to ensuring that the program trickles down to the local people. URN

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