dfcu Bank recently launched an unsecured salary loan campaign designed to respond to customers who may need a quick financial boost with a quick turnaround time for personal use. Dubbed “It’s Win-Win with a dfcu Salary Loan”, the campaign is set to run for 12 weeks and promises an unbeatable offer of fast response time, affordable interest rates and much more.

Miranda Bageine Musoke, dfcu Head of Personal Banking at dfcu Bank gives more insight into the dfcu Bank Unsecured Personal Loan.

  1. For the benefit of our audience, how would you describe an Unsecured Loan?

Unsecured Loans are loans that don’t require any security deposit or collateral. Instead, loans are approved based on personal credit history and stable salary income. Briefly, Unsecured Loans offer many benefits to borrowers, including flexibility and the ability to borrow without collateral.

  • Tell us about “It’s Win-Win with a dfcu Salary Loan”

This is an Unsecured Personal Loan or Salary Loan campaign that we have created to meet the needs of customers need money for urgent and often, personal reasons that cannot wait or be delayed. We’re still in the first quarter of the year, which for many people is a time to set annual goals which almost always require funding if they are to succeed.

With this campaign, dfcu Bank is offering the financial part to the overall solution required for our customers’ successes.

  • Who is eligible to access this loan?

Both existing and new clients who hold Salary Accounts are eligible for this campaign. It’s key to note that customers can transfer their existing loans from other banks to dfcuBank at no cost to enjoy the benefits of this initiative.  

  • How long will this campaign last?

The campaign is set to run for 12 weeks.

  • What are the key campaign features for anyone looking to acquire the loan?
  • Customers can access up to Shs 250 million. 
  • We are committing to a quick turnaround time of 24 hours, after receipt of the loan application.
  • Finally, customers stand a chance to win Shs 10 Million towards repayment of their loan. This is limited to maximum of Shs 10 million per winner.
  • How does a customer qualify for a dfcu unsecured salary Loan?

The key eligibility criteria for customers include the following:

  • One must eb a recipient of monthly salary / earnings.
  • One should hold an active account that’s used often for transactions.
  • One should have a clean credit history.
  • What would you say set this offer apart?

Under this campaign, dfcu Bank is:

  • Offering customers up to Shs 250 million.
  • Not requesting for collateral.
  • Giving customers an opportunity to enter a draw to win a loan repayment of up Shs 10 million.
  • Working with customers who wish to transfer their existing loans from other banks to dfcu Bank at no cost.
  • Charging reduced interest rates of as low as 16.5% per annum.
  • Any last words?

We are committed to seeing all our customers achieve their financial goals and dreams and we believe that this offer will do just that.

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