some of the guns that were impounded

Leaders in Karamoja sub-region have appealed to the government to provide guns for each district for defense.

While giving updates on the security situation in the region, the leaders said that since the government has “failed” to address the issues of insecurity, they are proposing that they give them guns so they can protect themselves than continuing to lose lives and animals when “nothing” is being done.

The joint security forces, with UPDF as a lead agency are implementing the forceful disarmament through cordon and search operations and those found with illegal guns will be prosecuted.

But a section of leaders in Karamoja are saying they have not seen the relevance of this exercise as insecurity escalates which has prompted them to think of rearming themselves for safety.

While addressing the regional council, Paul Lokol the chairperson Nabilatuk district said that he had requested for over 15,000 guns but they sat down as a council that agreed to ‘reduce’ the number for at least each village to have ten guns.

‘’These culprits come into our communities at any time they feel like, knowing that we are not armed, when we contact security forces they take their own time to respond and this is how this insecurity escalated‘’ Sokol said.

Felix Lochale, the chairperson of Karenga district says that the rate of cattle raids is rampant in Karenga district and the UPDF on the ground is doing nothing to contain the situation.

He said the village leaders should be equipped with military skills to be able to fight back the raiders in case of any attack.

The commander of the 3rd infantry division Brig. Joseph Balikudembe says operations to secure Karamoja has been beefed up with more troops but said he can’t comment on the leaders who are asking for rearmament.

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