Students of Koboko Town College have been sent home and the school closed indefinitely following a strike on Friday night.

The students went on strike after the school administration allegedly suspended one of their colleagues after he allegedly had an altercation with one of the police officers deployed to provide security at the school.

The school head teacher, Tom Obeti Adraka, said there was no justification for the strike because everything was okay at school.

According to him, they had a disciplinary case against one of the students in senior after he allegedly had an altercation with one of the security personnel at the school.

“It so happened that because of the fluid security situation in West Nile due to the rampant strikes, we decided to engage two police officers to reinforce the local security guards at the school but on Thursday one of the students decided to confront, abuse and insult one of the police officers while on duty that they don’t want them at the school,” he narrated.

“This matter was received in our office as a disciplinary issue. The deputy head teacher who chairs the disciplinary committee summoned the boy and a decision was taken to send him home to bring his parents so that the matter would be handled with the parents on Monday. However, he started inciting other students alleging that he had been dismissed,” he added.

At night, the students turned violent and burnt the food store, destroyed the boys toilet, perimeter fence, smashed windows of all the classrooms, computer lab and the staff room, according to Obeti.

He said an emergency meeting was organized and a decision was taken to indefinitely close the school so that it gives them time to reorganize and see the next action.

Obeti revealed that seven students were captured and detained as they were allegedly involved in vandalizing property last night and two women in the community were also arrested for allegedly keeping the property of the students. 

This is the 11th strike that has taken place in 11th schools across West Nile sub region in the past one month.

Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for West Nile region, said: “Somebody informed me about the students strike at Koboko Town College last night and I had to call the DPC for Koboko and they rushed quickly to save the situation.”

According to her, police officers arrived after the students had already caused damages to the school property.

In a related case of Aripea Secondary School in Terego district, Ms Angucia said the students carried out massive destruction at the school.

“We have not yet arrested any student in connection to the vandalism caused but investigation is going on to identify the ring leaders. Any time, such students will be brought to book,” she said.

On Thursday at around 9pm, the students of Aripea SS in Terego district, rioted and caused destruction to property worth millions of shillings such as computers, window glasses, books among other items.

On Thursday at around 12am, Odravu students went on strike and burnt one of the grass thatched dormitories in the school due to the promotion and transfer of their deputy head teacher.

On same day, students of Yangani SS in Bidibidi refugee settlement also went on strike over alleged maladministration.

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