Local leaders in Lamwo District have expressed concern over the recurrent attacks and raids by suspected South Sudanese armed men. 

James Ochola, the Speaker of Lamwo district says the suspected armed attackers from South Sudan have been terrorizing the sub-counties of Madi Opei, Agoro, Lokung, and Potika since 2018.  

Ochola says the attackers, who he described as the Dinka Bor, have settled at the border between Nimule and South Sudan, specifically, along the tributaries of Acwa and Nyimur, which are found both in Uganda and South Sudan.  

He says the armed men frequently move within the sub-counties at the border, rough up the locals, and steal their animals before retreating to their settlement. 

Ochola reveals that the attackers have carried out frequent raids since the year began, with 138 animals so far raided from Nyimur sub-county, and only ten were recovered last Saturday.

 Ochola says the most recent attack was on Tuesday in Techwa Village, Okol parish in Madi Opei Sub-county. 

During the attack, the armed men, estimated to be 20, armed with guns, knives, and sticks pierced one of the victims with a bayonet and he is admitted at Kitgum Government Hospital. 

Three others were severely beaten and the two pairs of oxen they were using to cultivate their gardens were taken by the assailants.     

 Ochola notes that among the actions they want to be taken is setting up detaches near the local population.  

In 2020, the army opened up four new detaches in Madi-Opei Sub-County to counter the cattle theft by armed south Sudanese thugs in the villages of Orogo, kurukuba, Lawiyeoduny, Kirombe, and Lotuku.

However, Ochola says the detaches are 18 kilometers away from the local population, which creates a leeway for the armed men to attack people anytime. 

Bili Moses, the LCIII chairperson of Nyimur sub-county, says the exact number of the armed men, who have already settled at the border is not known.    He says when they followed the armed men two months ago the affected population says they always move in groups of twos and threes with arms.  

Denis Onyon, the LCIII Chairperson Agoro sub-county says the government restocking programs such as PRDP and Nusaf, is not helping the beneficiaries in such areas because the animals are always stolen by the armed men.  

Onyon estimates that the number of animals that have been stolen from Agoro and Madi Opei sub-counties since the year began, is between 400-500.  

Sisto Oyet, the LCV Chairperson Lamwo reveals that they have set up an appointment with officials of South Sudan to address the matter.  

In March, suspected South Sudanese warriors killed two people and made away with 108 heads of cattle in Madi Opei sub-County in Lamwo district.  

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