Casmir Mukisa Kimenyi alias MC Casmir, the NBS TV presenter who was caught red handed bedding a woman believed to be married has revealed that the police officers who arrested him while having fun with his ‘lover’ will soon face law and pay for their sins.

The same, according to Casmir, will also apply to all individuals who filmed him.

In a tweet, Casmir who has been silent about the matter since the popping up of the video clip that has widely been shared on social media, now says the state has picked interest in the matter, and soon, justice will prevail.

“Officers involved at my house that turned it into a crime scene, those that arrested me and the man who recorded video are all being brought to justice one by one,” reads his tweet in part.

In a video making rounds, Casmir appears with his hands covered by a black jumper supposedly to hide the handcuffs on his wrists begging for forgiveness.

He is seen apologizing to the man behind the camera who is believed to be the husband to the lady in the video. The lodge is filled with security operatives, Mc Casmir, the lady with whom he is said to have cheated on, and the husband of the lady.

The humble Casmir can be heard regrettably saying; “Punish me but even if you punish me, just know I will regret what I did,” before leaving the room.

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