Eid Fitri prayers will be commemorated on Monday, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC has announced.

The Second Deputy Mufti and Acting Director of Sharia, His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa made announcement on the top floor of Gaddafi National Mosque on Saturday evening moments after Muslims broke their fast for the 29th day of Ramadan.

“I would like to inform Muslims and the wider public in Uganda that the new crescent has not been sighted this evening. Therefore eid fitir will be celebrated on monday,” Sheik Waiswa noted.

This means the Ramadan of 1443 will complete 30 days. He noted that on Monday, the national Eid prayers will be held at Old Kampala national Mosque led by His Eminence Shiekh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda.

He urged Muslim across the country to observe the Standard Operating procedures during Eid prayers.

The SOPs include performing abolition from their respective homes, carrying prayer mats, maintaining social distance, wearing face masks and avoiding touching surfaces.

While the West culturally follows the Gregorian calendar, the Islamic calendar is lunar, which means it is based on the sighting the crescent that varies depending on geographical location.

Unlike the previous two years, which were characterised by the COVID19-induced lockdown and restrictions, this year Mosques opened for communal worship and taraweeh (extra prayers during Ramadan), iftar (the meal served at the end of the day to break the fast), and itikaf (spending sometime inside a mosque worshipping).

On Friday, the Deputy Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Abdalllah Semmambo reminded Muslims to ensure that they pay Zakatil Fitr before the Eid prayers are performed. Sheikh Semmambo added that if one makes the payment after the Eid prayers, it will be considered a charity, not Zakat.

He further clarified that Zakatil Fitri-alm, which is paid by Muslims at the end of the month of Ramadhan can also be paid in cash and not only foodstuffs.

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