The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba has directed all activities on contested lands in Kyankwanzi district to be halted as the fact finding process takes course.

Nabakooba who was in Kyankwanzi on Thursday after a directive by the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja held two meetings at Kiyuni sub county, Gayaza Central and Kijuubya-Mbogobbiri in Kyankwanzi District.

The minister was in company of Kyankwanzi District Woman MP Christine Bukenya Ssendawula, the RDC, DISO and local council authorities.

In Kiyuuni, the locals that were led by Leonard Sebalunzi Salongo, the area Chairperson, told the minister how Bona fide occupants are being sent off their bibanja and many are being oppressed by the land grabbers.

Ssebalunzi brought to the attention of the minister how close to 1074 people are up for eviction in the massive ongoing massive land grabbing syndicate in the area from the land claimed to be owned by former Internal affairs minister, the late Gen Aronda Nyakayirima.

“The army uses guns to take people’s land. We are worried as they have written to the locals asking them to stop farming on the land yet they have ownership of the land. We seek to know true ownership of this land,” he said.

He requested the minister to investigate the authenticity of the land titles of all the people claiming ownership of this land.

We request that the land fund applies to the people suffering. Let the government buy the land and let those jailed over issues pertaining to this land be set free. Parliament should also pass and emphasise the law on busulu collection at the gombolola to curb the absentee landlords that refuse busuulu, he reiterated.

In her remarks, Nabakooba asked the district leaders to immediately put a caveat on the land as her ministry establishes the rightful owners of the land.

She also directed the DPC and RDC of Kyankwanzi to halt all activities on the land as the fact finding process over the contested land takes course.

At Kijuubya-Mbogobbiri, residents pinned a one Prince Andrew Tadeo on land comprising block 812 plot 25 and a one Nalongo Mbatudde Teopista in wanting to grab the neighbouring lands.

Locals claimed Tadeo fraudulently acquired the land with the help of the district land board who circumvented the process of land distribution as per the laws that guide the same.

They requested the minister to cancel the lease and hold land board officials accountable for any inconsistencies in the land acquisition process.

They asked her to halt military involvement in issues to do with land and also put an end to the overstay of land officials at one station.

“There should be a presidential land investigations unit that reports directly to the president. We request for the rehabilitation program of the area so that the community catches up with the neighbouring areas,” a representative said.

In her remarks at Mbogo bbiri, Nabakooba implored the district land board to sit and review the offer given to Mr Tadeo and Nalongo. She tasked them to do the review between January 3 and 17 after which they should reenter the land to benefit the communities.

“The land board should sit and review the two cases of Tendo and Nalongo, I need a report by January 17. If they fail, suspend them. This will help us do away with impunity. I am going to put Ministry caveats on this land and no activity is going to take place on this land until all my directives are done,” she said.

Nabakooba underscored the fact that those evicting people are the enemies of the government. She questioned why people use force to evict others yet the laws are clear on negotiations.

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