It was a momentus and beautiful time for Pastors Jackson and Eve Ssenyonga over the weekend at their home in Naguru as their daughter, Jackie Ssenyonga introduced her fiancé, Aaron Muyimba, in a traditional ceremony (Kwanjula).

Aaron and his family arrived at Pastor Ssenyonga’s home at around 1pm and were treated to a friendly and exciting traditional welcome.

Jackie effortlessly stunned in a baby peach gomesi matched with a peach sash. She kept it simple with a little makeup to complete her amazing look – stunning she was.

Her fiancé dazzled and stunned in a white tunic (Kanzu) matching it with a sensational but rather astonishing grey jacket making him very unique and smart traditionally. The duo looked modern and African at the same time.

Aaron proposed to Jackie around Christmas time last year when he went down on one knee and popped the million dollar question of “Will You Marry Me?”

For parents Pastors Jackson and Eve Ssenyonga, you would explicitly see how deeply they are bonded to their precious daughter. In fact, they could not hold their happiness and pride embeded in seeing her prepare to get married.

They expressed the emotions that blended deep down inside their hearts when they picked the microphone to speak to their guests.

Pastor Eve Ssenyonga heaped praise on her husband, Jackson Ssenyonga for the exceptional upbringing of their children.

“Our daughter will make 24 years of age in September this year. Thank you so much my husband for educating our children. It is not easy for one to educate children but you have done it at both Bachelors and Masters level,” Pastor Eve Ssenyonga told the husband, before the excited guests.

She further thanked Pastors, relatives and friends who graced the event and those that stand in the support of the family always.

Normally, it is at such a time when parents have to go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions when they see their little angel dressed up in preparation to be taken away – a very momentous time in every parent’s life.

Letting go of their cute princess is not a simple act, but because this is an inevitable part that cannot be dodged no matter how badly they want, Pastor Ssenyonga had no option other than asking his to be son in law, Aaron, to take good care of his daughter.

“She is a calm, honest and faithful child. Take good care of her. I have given her to you when she is complete in both body and soul. Please protect her,” Pastor Ssenyonga told Aaron.

He told their guests that Jackie has been prepared well enough, before wishing her a successful and long lasting marriage as well as praying to God to bless them. The pastor also thanked his relatives and friends who were part of his daughter’s journey.

Meanwhile, the magic between Jackie and Aaron was so amazing to witness. Like one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Plato, said that “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet”, – Jackie and Aaron complete each other indeed.

The repeated smiles on the faces of the pair, and the excitement revealed that in a world of soul mates, Jackie and Aaron complete each other. It was explicit that they found their true love in each other.

On her Instagram, Jackie wrote: “Saturday was such a beautiful day, everything was amazing and more than we could hope for or dream of. God was so kind to us this weekend. He showed us how much He cares for us, even in the little things. Who ever is reading this, be encouraged, He is a truly good God. Can’t wait for this Saturday.”

Their wedding ceremony is scheduled for this Saturday on August 6.

Here is a selection of more photos from the introduction held successfully at Jackie’s home amid joy and celebrations from her family and friends;

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