The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, on Monday afternoon made an impromptu visit to Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe.

The venue is holding Easter Monday festivities with a couple of top musicians expected to grace it later, but dozens of hundreds had already gathered.

In company of his aides, the Kabaka was seen greeting and shaking hands with different revelers including events organizer Balaam Barugahara.

Balaam respectfully knelt on his two knees to introduce himself to the ‘Lion’ before shaking hands.

“I am Ssabavvulu Balaam, the invents organiser,” Balaam said. “Did you say Balaam?” the Kabaka who sat on a concrete block asked, a question to which he Balaam answered to to affirmative and the Kabaka said: “I always hear that name.”

The Kabaka is heard said he was only passing-by and opted to enter in order to have the current feel of the area after a very long time.

Meanwhile, cheers and applause rang out from crowds as revelers shook hands with the Kabaka. Many were heard shouts of ‘God save the King’ were heard along with a chorus of the Buganda anthem.

Asere Constance Ichuma

Asere Constance Ichuma

Constance Ichuma Asere is a Ugandan Journalist and writer with Plus News Uganda with particular interest in photography, politics, entertainment and sports.

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