President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has come to the defense of the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among, amidst criticism on social media regarding alleged corruption and mismanagement of Parliament funds.

The Speaker has faced weeks of scrutiny over accusations of financial impropriety, primarily circulated under the hashtag Uganda Parliament Exhibition.

Addressing residents of Bukedea at Emokor Grounds, President Museveni expressed his support for the Speaker, attributing any perceived shortcomings to the learning curve of newly elected MPs. He emphasized the need for internal party support to address any mistakes made.

President Museveni identified external influences as the real threat to Uganda, citing individuals who collaborate with foreign interests detrimental to the nation’s sovereignty.

Assuring action, the President mentioned ongoing intelligence monitoring of social media attacks against Rt. Hon. Among and vowed to expose those working against Uganda’s interests.

He commended the Speaker for her cooperation within the government system, facilitating smoother operations and minimizing conflicts.

President Museveni reiterated his call for Ugandans to prioritize food security and income-generating activities to enhance livelihoods, emphasizing accountability and participation in government initiatives like the Parish Development Model.

Rejecting the proposal for a new constituency in Bukedea, the President cautioned against excessive expansion of Parliament.

Warning against environmental degradation, President Museveni advocated for sustainable practices such as fish farming and responsible land use to mitigate climate change impacts.

The President also acknowledged the contributions of Rt. Hon. Among, praising her for her innovative projects aimed at uplifting communities, including the establishment of Bukedea Teaching Hospital and College of Health Sciences.

During the commissioning ceremony, President Museveni lauded Speaker Among for her proactive leadership and prudent financial management, highlighting the hospital’s self-sustaining model and its positive impact on the community.

In response, Rt. Hon. Among expressed gratitude to President Museveni for his support and vowed to continue serving the nation diligently.

Government officials and local leaders present at the event echoed appreciation for President Museveni’s vision and support, underscoring the importance of initiatives like Bukedea Teaching Hospital in advancing Uganda’s development goals.

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