President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni emphasized the importance of acknowledging individuals who contribute to society’s advancement, stressing that their efforts should be remembered and appreciated.

During the Elders Mentorship/Leadership Awards luncheon 2024 held at State House Entebbe on Thursday, President Museveni commended Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo and his team for their initiative in honoring outstanding contributors.

He underscored the significance of recognizing excellence, stating that failing to do so could discourage others from striving for excellence.

Organized by the Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Duties, chaired by Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo, the ceremony aimed to celebrate individuals who have made significant positive impacts on Uganda’s development. Under the theme “Modelling the right behaviour for the youth of Africa in the 21st Century,” the event honored 16 elders for their remarkable service to the nation.

In addition to acknowledging the awardees, the ceremony served as a platform to pay tribute to the late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, former Speaker of Parliament, for his dedication to public service.

President Museveni highlighted the importance of accurate mentorship, stressing the role of understanding society’s dynamics and the significance of science and technology in social progress. He credited the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government’s progress to its ability to diagnose societal issues accurately and provide solutions.

Reflecting on the late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah’s journey, President Museveni praised his intellectual openness and commitment to national development, noting his transition from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) to the NRM.

Vice President H.E Jessica Alupo commended the awardees for their contributions to Uganda’s socio-economic transformation, aligning with President Museveni’s advocacy for youth involvement in Africa’s development.

Delivering a keynote speech, Hon. Tagesse Chafo Dullo, Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives of Ethiopia, extended gratitude to Uganda for its hospitality and emphasized the importance of empowering African youth.

Hon. Norbert Mao, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, thanked Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo for organizing the event and emphasized the importance of leadership driven by a mission rather than a position.

Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo reiterated the importance of learning from past exemplary leaders and encouraged the youth to uphold integrity and serve their country diligently.

Representing the late Speaker’s family, Hon. Andrew Ojok expressed gratitude to President Museveni for his support and emphasized Oulanyah’s legacy of integrity and reconciliation.

Mr. Nathan Okori, the late Oulanyah’s father, expressed gratitude to the government for honoring his son’s memory.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including former Prime Ministers, government ministers, and other officials, demonstrating the collective commitment to honoring exemplary service and fostering intergenerational leadership.

Monica Mbabazi

Monica Mbabazi is a celebrated multimedia Ugandan Journalist currently working as a news anchor on Top Radio and BTM Television. She is also a writer with Plus News Uganda.

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