Amidst strong resistance and condemnation from owners, Kisoro municipality authorities initiated the demolition of illegal structures on Wednesday. Ayub Kasubi, the Kisoro Municipal Town Clerk, stated that the objective of the exercise is to enhance the town’s aesthetics and allocate space exclusively for compliant structures suitable for business operations.

Kasubi cited compliance with the Physical Planning and Urban Set Up Act Section 33, along with the Public Health Management Act as the basis for the demolition. Under police and law enforcement protection, authorities navigated various streets in the Central Division, targeting structures such as wooden makeshift shelters, lockups, Gazebos, truck containers, Mobile Money kiosks, and Chapatti stalls for demolition. 

However, owners fiercely opposed the exercise, denouncing it as unjust for their livelihoods. They criticized the authorities for executing demolitions without prior notification, denying them the chance to find alternative business locations. Additionally, owners highlighted the significant cost of renting suitable structures, expressing concern that authorities may not comprehend this aspect.

Amidst the resistance, Patrick Gyarube and another unidentified individual were apprehended by police and taken to Kisoro police station. Their resistance was centered around their chapati lockups, where they were preparing food. They accused authorities of unfairly targeting the economically disadvantaged. 


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