The NRM flag bearer for the Soroti City East constituency, Hon Herbert Edmund Ariko has vowed to ensure that the NRM Manifesto is implemented if he is elected MP.

Ariko was on Tuesday nominated for office by the Independent Electoral Commission Returning Officer for Soroti district.

Speaking to the media moments after his nomination, Hon Ariko pledged to dedicate his term in office to monitoring and supervising government projects and ensuring that the NRM manifesto is implemented in his constituency.

“As a leader in Soroti city, the key issue on my agenda is to ensure that the NRM manifesto is fully implemented and the people of Soroti enjoy the good leadership of the NRM government,” Hon Ariko said, adding that the move would help improve service delivery to the people.

He called for a change in the direction of the, politics of the City from one that is based on propaganda to politics that is focused on the development of the region and the wellbeing of the people.

“We should work proactively, position ourselves and lobby for the central government intervention to transform the lives of the people,” he said.

Hon Ariko was accompanied by the Vice Chairperson Eastern Region, Capt Mike Mukala, the State Minister for Economic Monitoring, Hon Peter Ogwang and the NRM Director for Mobilisation, Hon Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde among other Party leaders.

He further pledged to work towards transforming Soroti City into a modern city befitting its status.

“It’s the desire and aspiration of the NRM to see that there’s equitable development, socio-economic transformation and the people of Soroti just like any other part of Uganda will enjoy equitable development. One of the core pillars of a good city is to ensure that there is sustainable livelihood and urbanisation, the city must be responsive to the future generation.” Ariko added.

On his part, Capt Mike Mukula said that the by-election was to usher in a fundamental change in the politics of the City in which the Party was to regain leadership of the district and deliver on its manifesto promises.

“We have several packages that have not yet been unpacked because of poor leadership, now that we have a formidable candidate they will all be unpacked, as a party we’re going to win this election decisively,” mukula said.

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