A total of 800 people in Locheker East village, Kurao Parish, Kalapata Sub-county in Kaabong district are currently homeless after their homes were burnt to ashes by suspected armed Turkana warrior.

The incident took place on Sunday morning by around 7am.

Peter Chegem, secretary of defence in Locheker village said the Turkana armed with guns attacked the village,  burnt 50 houses and looted Items such as saucespans, sorghum, millet and maize that people had stored in their granaries.

Chegem added that the warriors shot one person dead by the name Lono.

“We lacked the strength to defend ourselves because we didn’t have guns, and even the fire spread so fast given the current wind in the region,” he said.

Samuel Locoro, the sub county Speaker forKalapata said the Turkana were acting in revenge following a raid by Dodoth boys who had gone and raided animals in the Turkana kraals.

“I understand  some boys from Kalapata had gone and raided animals from Turkana kraals, so the Turkana followed the footsteps up to Locheker village, unleashing mayhem until they burnt  50 houses,” he explained.

Chairman Jino Meri of Kaabong District said the general insecurity in Kaabong and Karamoja at large is worrying. 

He said the burning of the village in Kalapata further worsens situation that the people of Kaabong go through daily.

According to Meri, many people now don’t sleep at their homes and whenever it reaches 5pm, people leave their homes and go to sleep in the trading centres for safety.

Micheal  Longole the Karamoja regional Police spokesperson said a team of detectives have been sent to assess the situation.

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