The 3rd Infantry Division of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces-UPDF has challenged leaders in the Karamoja sub-region to promote peace and unity for the social and economic transformation of the region.

The call was made during the 43rd Tarehe Sita anniversary celebration held on Tuesday at Boma ground in Moroto municipality. The day was preceded by social-corporate activities such as general cleaning of urban centres, markets, medical facilities and sports, in recognition of the contribution of the National Resistance Army to the Liberation struggle of Uganda.

Brig Gen Felix Busizoori, the UPDF 3rd division Deputy Commander noted that the disunity among the different Karamojong clusters has kept insecurity alive despite the government’s interventions to contain the situation.

Busizoori discouraged the leaders from involving themselves in the promotion of tribalism but instead lobbied for good projects that could transform the lives of the Karamojong community. He noted that the culture of ‘clannism’ has been followed in all generations but nothing has been achieved and this would be the right time to abolish such practices.

Busizoori said that other parts of the country have developed but Karamoja has remained backward because of tribal fights and lamentations. He appealed to the leaders to sensitize the people to desist from tribal fights but instead coexist as one to pave the way for development.

He also called upon leaders to step up the disarmament exercise so that the goal of social-economic transformation is achieved.

Busizoori noticed that some local leaders have not been cooperative when it comes to mobilizing the communities to embrace peace and voluntarily handing over illegal firearms. He reiterated that some local leaders have been encouraging people not to surrender guns for protection

He also observed a need to fight waragi that has been used as an energizer to the warriors who are terrorizing the region. Busizoori observed that gun violence has become a problem in the region and the leaders should consider using one voice to deliver a message of peace to the people.

Moroto Municipality Mayor Ismail Mohammed applauded the security forces for working with civilians in securing and reclaiming peace in the region. He noted that the civil-military cooperation has strengthened the relationship between the forces and civilians which highly contributes to the peace recovery processes.

Mohammed pointed out that the night economy has thrived as people move freely around town without any fear of attacks by armed criminals as it used to be before. He added that area leaders will continue working with the forces to create a conducive environment for civilians.

The UPDF has also been engaged in the medical camps being conducted for two days 4-5 Feb 24 as part of the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities in the Karamoja Subregion

Hundreds of Patients turned up for treatment at Namalu and Kacheri Health Centers IIIs in Nakapiripirit and Kotido districts respectively. The health team saved an expectant mother at Kacheri Health Center III in Kotido district during the concluded 43rd TAREHE SITA army week.

Loidi Rose Mary, 27 years old with obstructed labour and a previous cesarean section scar reported to Kacheri Health Center III for delivery. Still, luckily enough she reached at the time when UPDF was offering a service through a medical camp. She was examined, referred and transported by UPDF Ambulance to Kotido Hospital for further management for a safe delivery.


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