Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during the Oscars

The entertainment fraternity allover social media world wide has been awash with talks of how American movie actor, Will Smith stormed from the audience and slapped an American Comedian, Chris Rock who while on stage cracked a joke about Smith’s wife bald head which left Jada Smith angry .

This all happened during the 94th Oscars at Dolby Theatre,Hollywood, California when He (Chris) cracked the G.I Jane joke from the movie where Demi Moore the main act in the movie shaved her hair off to take up the part.

This put an angry face on Jada ,Smith’s wife and he couldn’t resist punishing Chris with a slap on his face and reminded him not to disrespect his wife again.

Jada Smith was first diagonised with the auto-immune disease in 2018 and has opened up about her decision to shave off her hair. She shaved off her hair as she embraced the hair loss condition called alocepia which had made her hair fall off her head .

In his apology after slapping Chris,he (Smith ) apologised to the Academy and fellow nominees but he didnt not make any direct apology to Chris.

The Academy is also referred to as as Oscars .These awards are made to appreciate the artistic and technical merit in the film.

Various movie stars who were present at the Oscars like Jane Seymour ,said that was unfortunate and it was a sign of violence against Smith’s wife and she condemns violence.

Will Smith is one of the celebrated movie actors in Hollywood who featured in movies like Bad boys with Martin Lawrence as the main acts and at this occasion he won the award for best actor from the movie King Richard.

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