Bertrand Bisimwa, the president of the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels, has appointed Willy Manzi Ngarambe as the coordinator in charge of the Diaspora, with Jackson Muheto and John Muhire serving as deputies.

Ngarambe, who claims refugee status in Canada as a Tutsi from North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), will lead efforts to revitalize M23’s Diaspora organs, as announced in a statement released on Monday.

Bisimwa stated that this appointment, outlined in decision number 036/PRES-M23/2024 of June 10, 2024, aims to strengthen the effectiveness of M23’s objectives. He emphasized the importance of structuring the movement’s actions coherently to maximize their impact and advance their common goals.

However, the appointment of Diaspora coordinators suggests a continued commitment to the conflict rather than pursuing ceasefires or dialogue with the government. Both parties have maintained their positions, resulting in a lull in gunfire across various fronts.

Since March 2022, M23, led by Bisimwa and General Sultan Makenga, has conflicted with the DRC government. While the government accuses Rwanda of supporting M23, both Rwanda and M23 deny these allegations. The rebels claim they are fighting against corruption, xenophobia, and discrimination within the DRC leadership.


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