A suspect being arrested (courtesy photo)

Up to 15 suspected machete attackers have been arrested days after an attack that left several people injured in Nabweru.

They were arrested in an operation conducted by the Directorate of Crime Intelligence (DCI) together with teams from Nabweru and Kawempe police stations.

Denis Bbosa, one of the victims of the attacks said machete-wielding men raided his home three days ago and hacked three people from his household. He recollects that the attackers were in a group of seven to 10 men, all armed with Machetes and other weapons.

After varnishing with some valuables from Bbosa’s home, the thugs proceeded to the home of another resident; Lillian Nakigudde where they also cut people and robbed other items before descending on the home of Golooba Sabiiti whom they also hacked alongside his wife.

“They first cut me and later pounced on my wife. They took all the items they could carry and left us for dead. It was the worst experience and we had taken long without experiencing such gruesome crimes in this area,” Golooba said. In all the homes that were attacked, the gang took money, flat screens, woofers, laptops and mobile phones.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson said Bbosa’s home had a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera which captured their gruesome acts.

“We have used this CCTV footage to arrest 15 suspects and we are waiting for the victims to come and identify these suspects. Although people are saying the attackers are those evicted from Lubigi, we cannot conclude on that,” Owoyesigyire said.

Owoyesigyire said it had taken some time without registering such crimes where criminals raid several homes in one night. However, places such as Nansana, Namungona, Ssentema, Bulenga, and Nsangi were terrorized by machete-wielding thugs last year.  

Some of the victims of the machete attacks are being treated at Kawempe and Mulago hospitals.


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