The Spokesperson of Uganda Police Force,Fred Enanga

The family of Simon Edou has got some relief after Police in East Kyoga in Soroti managed to recover the body of Edou from a swamp where his body was found .

Edou went missing around March 2021 when he left his home to the trading centre.

According to intelligent teams from Soroti early this year ,reports show thatthe deceased was murdered and his body was dumped in a swamp and five suspects were arrested in connection to Edou’s death.

The Police in Soroti and the locals mounted a search of the body and recovered some body parts and the remains .However the skull of the deceased still remains missing.

The Spokesperson of Uganda Police,Fred Enanga ,during a weekly Police release at the Uganda Police Headquarters in Naguru ,Kampala on April 25 confirmed to the press recovery of the body .

A thorough DNA and forensic analysis is going to be carried out on some of the remains that were discovered so as to find answers to the family members of Edou.

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