Six children were injured yesterday due to heavy rains that battered Bulambuli district in Eastern Uganda, prompting flooding in several areas. The injured children were swiftly referred to Bunambutye resettlement health centre III for treatment.

The affected areas, including Bumufuni Sub-County, Bumwangu parish, and Bubulo village, faced significant inundation.

Irene Nakasiita, the communications head at Uganda Red Cross, reported that their volunteers on the ground immediately provided life-saving support to affected individuals, particularly the elderly and children, aiding them in relocating from flooded areas.

The Uganda Meteorological Authority forecasts heightened rainfall in April compared to March and May, exacerbating the risk of further flooding.

Response team members are actively working to reinforce embankments along the Manafwa River to prevent the water from spreading into residential areas.

Additionally, the response team, in collaboration with district leadership, is conducting assessments to provide necessary assistance to displaced families, ensuring meaningful support reaches those affected by the disaster.

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