At least 65 individuals lost their lives in road crashes that occurred on various roads last week, according to statistics released by the Traffic Police Directorate. The data shows that there were 382 crashes with 65 fatalities, which included 22 pedestrians and 22 commercial motorcycle riders, commonly known as bodaboda riders.

Michael Kananura, the Traffic Police spokesperson, attributed most of the crashes to the inconsiderate use of the road, such as overtaking on bent corners, driving too closely, and operating vehicles in hazardous mechanical conditions. Kananura further explained that many of the bodaboda riders involved in the crashes were crossing junctions recklessly, with some not wearing crash helmets.

In 2022, more than 1,400 bodaboda riders lost their lives in crashes, with fatalities attributed to factors such as impatience, failure to wear crash helmets, and operating motorcycles in unsafe mechanical conditions. Siraje Mutyaba, a leader among bodaboda riders, acknowledged efforts to sensitize riders on the importance of wearing crash helmets but noted that some riders have not complied. 

Mutyaba emphasized the importance of every bodaboda rider recognizing the significance of wearing a crash helmet to reduce fatalities. “Many of our colleagues have not bothered to buy crash helmets and some are still reluctant to buy reflector jackets. If every bodaboda rider appreciated the importance of wearing a crash helmet, these deaths would be reduced,” Mutyaba said. 

Many pedestrians who are killed on the roads meet their fate at demarcated zebra crossings where motorists fail to respect safety measures. Pedestrians are also at risk of being struck by speeding and overtaking motorists along roadsides, according to traffic police.

Kananura announced that traffic police officers have resumed operations targeting drivers with vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, bodaboda riders without crash helmets, and those lacking warning reflector triangles, effective today.   

“We also warn people against overtaking in sharp corners and you should always ask yourself whether it’s necessary to overtake.  Before you overtake, ensure you that the road ahead is very clear,” Kananura said.    

Sam Bambanza, the Executive Director of Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA), emphasized that road safety should be a concern for everyone, highlighting that a significant portion of road crash victims are children and youth who are killed as pedestrians or passengers on motorcycles.


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