The Vice President Jessica Alupo has called upon Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) to embrace and monitor the Parish Development Model (PDM) aimed at delivering social economic transformation to all communities in Uganda.

“The Parish Development Model is the country’s game changer because it focuses on family enterprises for poverty eradication and is available to all parishes in Uganda,” Alupo said.

She said being ambassadors of the President, RDCs should be at the centre of promoting the model which is a fundamental idea that will eliminate poverty and income inequality among the masses.

The Vice President made the remarks during the closure of one-week induction course for RDCs, RCCs and their Deputies at the National Leadership Institute, (NALI) Kyankwanzi in Kyankwanzi district on Sunday.

She congratulated the RDCs for completing this course and for preparing themselves to serve their country with new and renewed determination.

“I do hope you have made excellent use of this retreat to internalize new ideas, concepts and work methods that will now make you exceptional servants of the people,” she added.

She reminded the RDCs of the 23 directives and strategic guidelines which, if implemented, will transform the countr. “These directives are linked to the NRM Manifesto and they are the blue print for development of our society”, she said.

She called upon them to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and have them implemented in their areas of operation. This, she said will make the political and transformational targets for 2021 – 2026 easy to achieve.

Additionally, she said these directives and guidelines are being implemented by the different Government Ministries and Agencies and it is their duty to supervise the critical implementation in their respective areas.

Alupo urged the RDCs to use the powers given to them by the Constitution and to follow and implement the Presidential guidelines to change people’s lives.

She also urged them not be desk officers if they must obtain first hand intelligence.

“The NRM Government respects intelligence gathering and it has very good mechanisms for obtaining intelligence, use these mechanisms to fill gaps”, she said.

“This factor, in addition to working for the people is what has prolonged our stay in leadership”, Alupo remarked.

The Vice President also called upon the RDCs and RCCs to desist from any actions that distort the country’s intelligence such as fighting personal wars.

Alupo also made reference to the recently launched the APEX Platform where RDCs are designated as ambassadors of the President for its implementation, telling them that with the new skills attained, shoddy works or poor performance in your districts wouldn’t be tolerated.

“Please fight corruption by submitting reports on time, reffering it to the vice as the biggest cancer eating up our country.

“Corruption and embezzlement are the big leakages escalating the national debt, so let’s fight it so that we stop the circles of continuous borrowing,” Alupo said.

Regarding discipline, the vice President urged them not to break the law. “Do not participate in corruption and don’t aid land grabbing. Be exemplary. Otherwise these unending scandals of land grabbing involving RDC’s are destroying the image of the Presidency,” Alupo said.

She counselled them to exercise humility and avoid unnecessary political fights. “Do not allow politicians to use you. Be neutral in your approach and focus on your duties don’t take sides in wrangles in your districts instead be intermediaries through dialogue and diffuse any wrangles in your districts, the VP counselled.

The Minister for the Presidency Milly Babalanda in her speech read by Ethics and Integrity Minister Roselilly Akello re-echoed the roles of RDCs which include informing, educating and mobilizing the public to participate in government programs that target to improve their welfare and transform areas.

She urged them to help guard against issues of embezzlement of government funds and sabotage by detractors at all levels.

Hajji Yunus Kakande the Secretary- Office of the President called upon RDCs to ensure that the image of government is improved through the things that they do.

“Be people that are seeking for knowledge all the time. Base your reports and speeches on reliable data and information and don’t put out unresearched reports which mislead government into wrong decision making,” Kakande appealed.

The Director of NALI Brig. Gen. Charles Kisembo said Government takes very seriously the reports made by RDCs and asked them to always double check their facts.

The retreat that run for a week ended on Sunday.

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