A total of 1491 students have been awarded degrees, diplomas and masters in various disciplines at Busitema University in Busia district.

Those who graduated at the 12th graduation ceremony included 512 females and 979 males representing 34% and 66% respectively.

They received their awards at the university on Friday, in a ceremony officiated by the Vice President Maj. Rtd. Jessica Alupo and Woman Member of Parliament for Katakwi district on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni.

In his speech read by the Vice President, Museveni said today’s education strategy is intended to produce a literate, skilled and intellectualised population with the ability to transform our society into an industralised, middle class and skilled service-oriented society.

The President said it is a deliberate intention as government to promote sciences more because it is the quickest way to develop Uganda’s economy.

Museveni noted that the second strategy was to provide research funds to support scientific and innovative work. “We are beginning to see that this is possible as research funds have been usefully expended”, he added.

Museveni noted that one of the key challenges facing many Africa countries, Uganda inclusive, is the high level of unemployed youths, many of whom are university graduates.

He explained that indeed, the education system in most of our countries produces youths who have limited or no skills which makes them job seekers rather than job creators.

The President said this is symptomatic of the colonial type of education that still engulfs our education system in Africa, and which Uganda is progressively moving away from.

The President encouraged graduates to develop a positive attitude towards work as well as keeping morally upright.

“Do not despise work. Take up any work opportunity that presents itself before you, however humble,” the president noted.

He urged them not to despise small beginnings that can enable them to acquire experience and valuable skills. This, the President said, would enable the graduates to widen knowledge in areas of their speciality; make them relevant and marketable not only domestically but also globally.

He noted that government is working hard to attract local and foreign investment in all the sectors of the economy with the aim of creating enough jobs for the population.

He told graduads that graduation day marks the end of one journey and beginning of yet another important journey in their lives.

“You will therefore, need to remember that your behavior and conduct in terms of integrity, honesty and hard-work are key drivers to your success in this world,” Museveni said.

The president urged graduands to refrain from reckless and dangerous lifestyles such as drunkardness, sexual promisuity and extravagant spending.

“Government and Parents have made endless sacrifices to educate you. It will be great indiscipline if you waste away your lives in trivialities after such sacrifices have been made to make you a better citizen of your country,” Museveni noted.

The Pesident quoted Luke 12:48 ” to whom much is given, much is required and therefore alot is expected from the graduands in terms of building Uganda and their respective families:, he counseled.

The University Chancellor Prof. Vinand Nantulya urged graduands to continuously adapt to the digital environment in order not to be left behind.

“Despite our many difficulties, Uganda offers enormous opportunities for innovation in virtually every field. If you aim to serve you will find unlimited opportunity,” Nantulya said.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Waako noted that Busitema University has continued to rise in areas of research where the institution has won grants like the Parish level Night-a Day solar crop dryer and 30 tonne silo storage system which has been selected for funding under the National Research and Innovation Program.

State Minister for Primary Education Joyce Kaducu thanked parents and guardians for investing in their children education.
She also urged the graduates to continue studying and searching for knowledge so as to keep abreast with new developments in the World.

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