The Church of Uganda Archbishop, His Grace Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has asked Christians to preserve and have faith in God amidst the high cost of basic items such as fuel and food prices.

He was preaching to the congregation during his pastoral visit to St. Mark’s Church- Entebbe Archdeaconry on Sunday.

The Archbishop explained that the harsh economic times are God’s way of reminding the faithful to trust in him and lean on Him and not focus on other things such as money and entertainment.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) reported that between April 2021 and April this, prices of several commodities increased by over 20 percent. The price of cement increased by 28 percent, maize flour by 25 percent, diesel by 37 percent, cooking oil by 57 percent, and laundry soap by 82 percent for.

In July, a kilogram of maize flour increased from an average of Shillings 2,500 to over Shillings 3,500 while where a bar of one kilogram of soap increased from Shillings 3,500 last December to over Shillings 6,000, a liter of diesel and petrol has risen from under Shillings 4,000 to over Shillings 6,000 in the past months.

But Archbishop Kaziimba, the faithful must not give up and must believe in only God to go through the hard and good times. He reiterated the need to empower the boy child because most of the efforts by government and private players have been on the girl child.

He also wants more involvement of men and boys in church activities.

During his pastoral visit to Entebbe, Kaziimba opened the offices of the Archdeaconry, which are next to the church and the children’s church. Venerable Canon John Gitta Kavuma, the Archdeaconry of St. Mark’s Church Namate-Entebbe Archdeaconry, lauded Kaziimba for visiting and interacting with the worshippers.

Entebbe Archdeaconry comprises seven parishes including St Mark’s, St. John’s, Jjungo, Nkumba, Nankinga, Ssese, and Kitende. Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, lauded Kaziimba for visiting Entebbe Archdeaconry.

He however called on him to also visit the Ssese parish in Kalangala district which neighbors Entebbe municipality.

Entebbe is one of the six archdeaconries that make Namirembe Diocese and is considered unique because its parishes are both on land and on the Lake Victoria islands of Ssese in Kalangala.

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