The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has Friday announced full reopening of the economy in January.

Museveni who was delivering his end of year address from his country home in Rwakitura, said schools, bars, concerts are to open in a staggered manner.

He however announced that the transport sector, which has been operating at 50%, will be opened fully but with the necessary SOPs like wearing masks.

Cinema halls and sports events will now open but also following SOPs. On this, he said the relevant ministries will guide.

“The bars and concerts will open 2 weeks after the reopening of schools.,” declared the President.

He underscored that curfew will be lifted for everybody after the performing arts resume for everybody apart from the boda bodas which he said will continue following the curfew of 7 PM.

The decision to fully open up according to the President can be revised depending on how the progress of new infections.

“If we find that patients are filling up to 50% of the ICU beds, we shall have to revise some of these measures,” said the President.

He noted that although the economy is reopening, Ugandans should be alerted that the omicron variant is spreading very fast.

“Previously, we had days when there were no reported Corona deaths, but we have started seeing them recently. Be responsible for your life,” guided the President.

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