The President of Burkina Faso Roch Marc Christian Kabore has been freed to return to his home.

He was detained at Sangoule Lamizana military barracks in Ouagadougou , Burkina Faso where he had been detained since January .

Kabore was arrested through a military coup where the soldiers announced on January 24 on national television that they (military) had taken over. And since then he had been under military custody till the time of his release.

The soldiers took over after several months of protests from the citizens over the government’s failure to curb terrorist attacks in the country which had led to death of numbers of citizens.

These terrorist attacks have been going on right for a long time in the country even right after the inauguration of Roch Kabore as President in 2015.

This changed after gun men attacked a restaurant in Ouagadougou ,Burkina Faso’s capital killing over 20 innocent citizens which angered the Burkinabe.

Ever since then Roch has been under great pressure from protestors who demanded him to step down over the inability of the government he was leading to curb the increasing terror attacks in the country.

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