The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi has cautioned recently promoted senior army officers against acts of corruption that taint the image of the force.

Presiding over the piping ceremony of 23 senior army officers who were part of the recently 395 promoted soldiers by President Museveni, at Mbuya military headquarters in Kampala, Gen Wilson Mbadi, said that acts of corruption have started infiltrating the force. 

“Always remember our pro-people code of conduct and avoid all tendencies injurious to the UPDF, its cohesion, and effectiveness. We have not promoted you to be corrupt. You know these vices are more disastrous to the force than other armed groups have been.” Mbadi said. 

He said that a military promotion is a major achievement for the institution and specific to the UPDF, these ranks come with added mandates and responsibilities, not for personal achievements as some officers think.

“We have not promoted you to start abusing those offices that you will be taking over or to create personal small kingdoms within the same department. Some people want to be small kings, when there are no kingdoms please avoid intrigues.” Mbadi noted. 

Among the 23 senior officers who were decorated are Col Alex Bright Nzirimu, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Ntoroko, and Charles Oluka, the Director of Internal Security Organization (ISO) who was promoted to Brigadier General. 

Mbadi explained that Nzirimu was appointed RDC due to the high levels of insecurity in the area that borders DRC which needed a person was military knowledge. 

“We decided that this border district should have RDCs that have a military background because they can be chaotic. So you must have someone will military knowledge,”Mbadi noted. 

Among others promoted from lieutenant colonel to full colonel are Moses Ikuret Emeru, David Munyua, George Buga Andruga and Charles Ndawula, Charles Asiimwe Kibaate, Joseph Aliganyira, Patrick Ajiku, Dunstan Serubiri, Jackson Kakuru, among others.


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