The Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has suggested that the Judicial Service Commission should deploy supporting staff of the Judiciary, especially the clerks to places where they can communicate efficiently with court users in the local dialect.

Owiny-Dollo observes that the deployment of judicial staff who speak different languages affects the dispensation of justice. He adds that the court oftentimes has to go to nearby Police Stations to look for officers who can help in the interpretation and translation of Court proceedings to a local language.  

He argues that the Judicial Service Commission should be able to know how many courts are in a certain region and deploy clerks who can understand exactly what the Judge is saying in the ordinary language used in the area.

He made the remarks on Tuesday afternoon while officiating at the swearing-in ceremony of Supreme Court Lady Justice Elizabeth Musoke as a member of the Judicial Service Commission at the Judiciary headquarters in Kampala.

Musoke is now part of the nine-member Commission, a statutory body mandated to recruit judicial officers and regulate their conduct. She replaces the late Supreme Court Justice Stella Arach Amoko.

The Chief Justice also advised the commission against deploying officers with bad records such as those who receive money from litigants, saying this takes away the otherwise good image of the judiciary.  

Lady Justice Musoke pledged to execute her work with due diligence and without fear or favour. She said she will always welcome those brought before the Commission for disciplinary issues and those going for job interviews without being influenced in any manner that is not expected of her, whether they are friends of friends or from elsewhere.  

The Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission Justice Benjamin Kabito indicated that given the transformation in the Judiciary and with the passing of the Administration of Judiciary Act 2020 which gives the institution autonomy, they have a lot of pressure to meet the expectations of the people.

Kabito observed a need to recruit more judicial staff at all levels as a serious issue that needs consideration because the Judiciary is not fully staffed as required.   

He said they want to conclude the cases before them in 11 months, review the internal policies,  and prepare for the seventh Commission which should take over in January 2025.  


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