Some of the christians from Our Lady of Africa Catholic Parish ,Mbuya in Kampala mimicking the events that took place on Good Friday.

Christians in Kampala have braved the drizzles to observe the Way of the Cross ahead of Easter celebrations on Sunday. 

In Christianity ,Good Friday is the day we remmember when Jesus died on the cross to save man kind .This day comes after the 40 days of lent which end on Holy Thursday evening .From Holy Thursday at dusk till Holy Saturday at dusk ,the Roman Catholics refer to that period as the Easter Triduum to mean the three days meant for prayer ahead of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The Good Friday celebration of the ecumenical public way of the cross 2022 brought together Anglicans, Catholics and Orthodox was held under the theme “.”  

They pointed at the girl child abuse in Uganda, Gender-based violence and prayed for an end to the violence caused by light weapons and a peaceful disarmament exercise in the Karamojong region.

From Lubaga cathedral, the Christians from the Catholic Church led by Archbishop pf Kampala Arch Diocese ,Dr. Paul Ssemogerere started off with prayers before they walked through the slums of Kisenyi and visited the Shrine of St Yowonna Maria Mzeyi in Kisenyi.  

During the procession, Archbishop Ssemogerere stopped to greet the slum dwellers who had gathered on the roadside to have a glimpse of the way of the cross. 

The Church of Uganda Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu led the procession from All Saints Cathedral while Bishop Kityo Luwalira led the faithful from St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe. 

The group from Namirembe made several stopovers at Kampala school for the handicapped, Sanyu Babies home and Mengo hospital where Bishop Luwalira prayed for the vulnerable and the sick.

The procession caught the eyes of many on the streets due to its contemporary music and the brass band that led the Christians. Many onlookers couldn’t resist the temptation to join the procession, take pictures and record videos using their mobile phones.

Another procession led by Metropolitan Yeronymos Muzeeyi marched from the Orthodox Church in Namungoona. The groups have since converged at the Old Kampala Senior Secondary School Play Grounds for joint prayers.

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