The Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli has dispatched three homicide detectives to probe the five murders in Mukono district.

The Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli has dispatched three homicide detectives to probe the five murders in Mukono district. At least five people were killed in Mukono Municipality and Nakisunga Subcounty over the weekend in suspected cases of robbery and domestic violence.

The victims include two women, two security guards and a baby. The detectives have been tasked to trace whoever was involved in the murders that occurred in Kiwanga, Jogo and Nakisunga. The gruesome killings started with the murder of Christine Nakakawa, whose body was discovered on Friday following her disappearance the previous night.

Nakagawa, a resident of Jogo in Goma Division of Mukono Municipality left her home on Thursday evening to shop for merchandise for her retail shop. Her lifeless body was found lying in a pool of blood on Friday.  A report compiled by the CID indicates that she was tied with ropes before being stabbed to death.

“In the morning, locals distressfully called Seeta police station reporting the murder of a woman. A few minutes later, she was identified by relatives and other locals as Christine Nakagawa. It is suspected she was killed because of the money she had in the bag going to purchase her shop’s merchandise,” a detective said.

Quoting preliminary findings by detectives, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said a sniffer dog led police officers to the home of one, Nelson Butere, where a knife and blood stained ropes were recovered as exhibits.  Butere is currently in custody at Seeta police station.

Two security guards at St. Joseph SS in Nakisunga Subcounty were also killed in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Five thugs scaled the perimeter wall of the school and gained access to the students reading room and the guards’ quarters.

Enanga explains that the thugs first tied three students who were in the reading room before pouncing on the guards who were unaware of what had transpired. The trugs dragged one of the guards, Patrick Kanyankore 52, to the playground where they strangled him to death. They later stabbed his colleague, Fred Hyuhato death near the administration offices.

“They broke into the office of the headteacher, bursar and dismantled CCTV cameras,” Enanga explains. But detectives say that they have retrieved vital exhibits, which they are using to trace Kanyankore and Hyuha’s killers. 

Rashida Nakamoga 22, and her nine months old baby boy Dan Gumikiriza were also murdered in Kiwanga in Mukono Municipality. It is suspected that the duo was killed by Dan Nabasa who invited them from Masaka district.

Police findings show that Nabasa had abandoned Nakamoga with his child Gumikiriza but the relatives often pestered him to send money for the child’s upkeep. Nabasa allegedly convinced Nakamoga’s relatives that he was ready to stay with them in Mukono where he operated a retail shop.

It is reported that Nabasa first dragged Nakamoga along the road at the night, stabbed her and the baby before dumping their bodies in a swamp.  Nabasa is in police custody as a prime suspect in the murder.

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