The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, has directed the Ministry of Education and Sports to take decisive action against schools charging excessive fees.

Year after year, schools in Uganda, particularly private ones, have been criticized for imposing exorbitant fees, sparking public outrage.

During a plenary session on Wednesday, Hon. Tayebwa expressed parliament’s frustration with the persistent issue of escalating school fees, noting that despite previous interventions, the situation continues to worsen.

“There have been numerous complaints about fee structures from various schools, both government and private. Despite clear directives, the problem persists, and some fees are simply unaffordable,” he stated.

Highlighting the burden placed on parents and students by the wide disparity in fees charged by different institutions, Hon. Tayebwa instructed the Ministry to outline punitive measures against schools disregarding government guidelines on fees.

Many schools, both public and private, have been imposing fees arbitrarily, causing financial strain for numerous families. Despite initiatives like Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE), some public schools persist in charging high fees.

During a recent Parliamentary session, Hon. Ssewungu Joseph emphasized the need for action, pointing out that despite repeated parliamentary discussions on the issue, no concrete steps have been taken. He called on the Minister to provide clarity on why parents continue to face overcharging.

“As we speak, parents are being asked to pay exorbitant amounts, even for nursery education. Government-supported schools are not exempt from this trend. It’s imperative for authorities to address this issue promptly,” he stressed.

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