President Museveni, in a statement on Wednesday, cautioned security forces against mounting roadblocks and other disruptive measures inconveniencing the public, following Allied Defence Forces (ADF) attacks in Kampala and Butambala.

Over the weekend, two notorious ADF suspects made a string of attacks using IEDs within the central business district of Kampala and Butambala with a goal of murdering innocent Ugandans.

Museveni emphasized the need for strategic intelligence to thwart criminal activities and highlighted the porous borders, emphasizing the importance of cross-border activities within East Africa.

Addressing recent ADF incidents, Museveni revealed failed attempts, underscoring the urgency to eliminate the ring-leaders in Congo and Trading Centers.

He assured the public of ongoing efforts, acknowledging occasional lapses in intelligence measures, notably in recent cases involving tourists and Nyabugaando children.

The president challenged the ADF’s irrational ideology, condemning their exploitation of Congo’s resources and harm to citizens. He linked the ADF’s existence to historical mistakes by past Congo Governments and the international community, emphasizing the need to eradicate the group’s criminal activities that have persisted for two decades.

Museveni pledged to address the ADF threat methodically, urging patience in implementing effective intelligence measures.

He further reiterated his commitment to eliminate the ADF’s influence in Eastern Congo and restoring stability to the Great Lakes region.

“Those pigs have had the free use of big chunks of Eastern Congo for their criminal activities such as camping, training, mining gold, cutting timber, harvesting and selling for themselves the Wanainchi’s Cocoa, trading in vitenge and extorting money from the Wanainchi for the last 20 years, ever since UPDF withdrew from Bunia in 2003, under the International agreement of Lusaka,” he explained. 

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