Archbishop of Church of Uganda ,Dr. Mugalu while passing on his Easter message 2022 during a press conference at the Arch Bishop's Palace at Namirembe Hill.

The ArchBishop of Church of Uganda (C.O.U) His Grace Dr.Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has called upon Ugandans to entrust their lives to Jesus Christ and no one.

While delivering the Easter message of 2022 during a press conference at the Arch Bishop’s Palace at Namirembe Hill on April 13,Arch bishop Mugalu told christians to entrust their lives to Jesus because he conquered death when he rose from the dead bringing salvation unto us .

The theme of C.O.U in this Easter period is “Hope beyond perfection .Lamentations 3:21-25” .There is hope beyond death and christians should bare with their problems because their is hope amidst hopelessness since Jesus conquered death.

The Arch bishop raised his concern about the escalating prices of commodities which has led to the increase in crimes since some people have become so desperate .He adds that crime is not the answer .

Over the past few days there have been disturbing images allover Uganda’s television stations and social media showing the victims of the panga wielding gangs in parts of Kampala and Wakiso .

These Panga wielding gangs in less than a year ago were rampant in Masaka which left numbers dead.In relation to these killings various people were arrested including ,some members of Parliament ,Honourables Allan Ssewanyana and Mohammed Ssegirinya who were suspected to be in connection to these killings .

However these killings are now rampant in parts of Wakiso and Kampala with the most recent from Kyengera Town Council which left one of the attacked dead and numbers injured .

Mugalu says, “I strongly condemn the acts of brutality and murder by the panga wielding gangs ,(Bigyabiya),”.

He adds that these criminals should repent and turn to Christ since he alone can save them.

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