The Ambassador of Ethiopia to Uganda, H.E Alemtsehay Meseret, has reaffirmed that Addis Ababa remains committed to working towards the integration and the togetherness of Africa and its people.

She made the remarks at the Pan African Youth Networking event in Kampala organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in Uganda in collaboration with the African Youth Caucus in Uganda.

The event themed “Fostering Pan Africanism and Patriotism among the Youth in the 2021 century”, was attended by Government officials, representatives of Youth Unions, more than one hundred youth from Ugandan citizen, as well as of Ethiopia and other neighboring countries who are residing in Uganda.

Ambassador Alemtesehey mentioned that the platform seeks to bring the African youths together to exchange on the ideals and principles of Pan Africanism, on the role and contribution of African youth to the contemporary Socio economic and political situations of the continent.

She further revealed that the event is an extension of Fraternity Night that is being organized by the Foreign Relations Headquarters of the country in collaboration with African Embassies based in the Capital Addis Ababa to further promote African Brotherhood and Fraternity.

The Ambassador also recalled Ethiopia’s immense contribution to the Pan African Movements through the notable victory of Adwa against the colonial force of Italy in 1896, its invaluable support to Africans in the struggle against colonialism and Apartheid and its forefront role in the formation of the then Organization of African Unity (the Current AU) by reconciling the Casablanca and Monrovia ideological blocs.

H.E. Alemtsehay reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment for the notion of Pan Africanism, African integration and the maxim of African solutions for African problems is unwavering and constant.

The Ambassador further disclosed that, as a similar commitment to African youth Integration, the Ethiopian government has planned to organize an African Prospective Leaders Summit under the theme “The Integrated Africa at The Bridge of Abiy Ahmed” from October 29-31, 2022, in which representatives of youth from all African countries are expected to participate.

She further lauded the people and Government of Uganda for adopting Pan Africanism, regional Integration and Patriotism to the crux of the policies and strategies in the country.

The Ambassador also applauded Uganda for its Pan-Africanism guided open policy for hosting fellow Africans and letting them live peacefully and engage in business activities to support themselves.

Honorable David Pulkol, representing the Chief Guest Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi, appealed to the youths to be patriotic, united and engaged in global networking and debates and capitalize on the current digital era to further advance the Pan African narratives and advocate strongly for the repatriation of African cultural heritage that was taken and now permanently being displayed in many museums around the world.

David Pulkol also emphasized the need to invest in the youth who are the biggest asset of the continent, the need to cooperate each other and look inward for solutions that could be managed at the continental level with the maxim African solutions to African problems.

He also called on the African Union to purposefully use the African Diasporas far from remittances to tapping into their wide talents, expertise and exposure.

While conveying the message of the Chief Guest, Pulkol, noted that it is Hon Amama Mbabazi’s wish that “Pan Africanism truly succeeds in advocating and making sure that the wealth of the continent will be used for the benefit and the development of the African continent and all its people”

Dr. Omara Sam, the Public Diplomacy Head for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, noted that the youth are leaders of tomorrow and this evidenced in that that now a days many African Youth started emerging in the forefront of innovation and in the proliferation of technological advancement.

In addition, Omara encouraged the attendants to exchange critical information and experiences that enable them to look into innovative ways of doing things in the 21st century, as part of the networking platform.

Furthermore, Chairman of The African Youth Caucus Dr. Andrew Turiheihi, the Ugandan Youth representative Maxcozzon Muhwezi and The Ethiopian Youth Union Mr. Omot Ocholi made remarks and vowed to work together to create more African Youth networking platforms to bring about a broader understanding of African values, history, and equip the youth in the two countries with the knowledge to tackle the many challenges ahead.

Pan Africanism represents the historical, cultural, spiritual, scientific, and philosophical legacies of Africans from past times to the present. It as a system that traces its history from ancient period, and promotes values that are the product of the African civilization, foreign policies and the struggles against slavery, racism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism.

It aimed at encouraging and strengthening bonds of solidarity and unity between all people African descent and thus has numerous impacts in the Africa continent.

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