Preparations are in top gear as Ethiopia readies to host the African Union (AU) Ministerial and Heads of State and Government Sessions scheduled for early next month.

The 40th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council (Ministerial Session) will be held on February 2 and 3, 2022, and the 35th ordinary Session of the AU Assembly is scheduled for February 5 and 6, 2022.

According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the national committee established to oversee preparations convened this week on Monday to review progress.

“More than 20 stakeholders tabled preparations in their respective sectors, including safety and security issues, accommodation and other related services as well as health facilities, especially coronavirus testing and related protocols,” says Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Chairperson of the committee, H.E. State Minister Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, appreciated the progress so far and called on the committee members to expedite the completion of the remaining tasks”

“Ambassador Birtukan stressed that Ethiopians should use the opportunity to promote Ethiopia’s image and host guests with our genuine spirit of hospitality,” adds the Ministry.

Ethiopia has braved the negative propaganda and pressure waged by some western countries against it, tarnishing the image of the country by blowing their trumpet of falsehood attempting to show that Addis Ababa is not a safe place to host the 35th AU Summit of Heads of State and Governments due to security issues.

The ill attempt of some western lobbing African Union member countries that Ethiopia is unsafe to host the 35th AU Summit has turned a fiasco.

Despite the propaganda ploy, Ethiopia has celebrated Christmas and Timket with a large number of diaspora coming home.

For more than a year now, some western countries including the US, where its Embassy in Addis Ababa staged a campaign attempting to isolate Ethiopia from the rest of the world by assuming that terrorist TPLF forces will triumphantly enter Addis Ababa causing major security threat to the international community members and their embassies. Thanks to the efforts of the heroic sons and daughters of this country who fought and foiled the orchestrated conspiracy of anti-Ethiopia forces.

It is to be noted that the AU is indebted to Ethiopia not only because the country is a founding member of the continental organization but also because the nation has rendered immense contributions to the maintenance of peace and security in the African region.

Ethiopia, along with other Africa member countries, is calling for a permanent representation in the UNSC, for a continent of 1.3 billion population. Moreover, the nation is already working towards the implementation of Agenda 2063, African Continental Free Trade Area, COMESA and other regional modalities of economic integration as part of the battle against economic neo-colonialism and the vicious circle of aid.

Ethiopia, a country also known as the water tower of Africa is now getting ready for the 3rd round of filling GERD which is also expected to generate 15,700 Giga watt-hour of electricity per year.

On January 17, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed issued a statement on Monday appreciating the decision of the African Union member states to convene the 35th AU Summit in person in Addis Ababa.

The Prime Minister said Ethiopia is pleased with the current leaders of Africa for acknowledging Ethiopia’s historic and unwavering stance to advance African and Pan-African agendas. The implications of hosting the summit in Addis Ababa are immense.

The Prime Minister said it would demonstrate peace and stability in the country. It would also create opportunities for us to restate our stance on the African Agenda and practically exhibit Ethiopia’s good status to our African allies. He also called on all Ethiopians to make the summit a success.

Twitting on the occasion Prime Minister Abiy said: “It is very well known that our African brothers and sisters are at the forefront of our challenges and joys. The identities we share, the history that binds us, and the common challenges we face are enormous. Ethiopia is like a second home for them. Coming to their homeland, Ethiopia, Africans should be treated as natives, not as strangers. We must stretch our hands and open our hearts to welcome and treat them. We should strive to let them have a lasting good impression, delightful stay and tranquility until they return.”

He added: “the implications of hosting the summit in Addis Ababa are immense, as it demonstrates our peace and stability while also allowing us to restate our stance on the African Agenda and practically exhibit Ethiopia’s good status to our African allies and reap economic benefits in general. As a result, it is expected of all of you to make the summit a success.

Security forces, hotels, transportation providers, as well as entertainment and tourist destinations, all should make extensive preparations. We must embrace and accommodate our African sisters and brothers who are coming here with Ethiopian courtesy, comfort, and safety”

Additional reporting by ENA

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