Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin residing in Uganda on Saturday raised money to support the country’s efforts to rebuild education institutions destroyed by fighters of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Uganda H.E Alemtsehay Meseret meeting some of the members of the Ethiopian Community in Uganda on Saturday at the embassy.

In a tweet, the Ethiopian Embassy in Kampala where they convened, said the group raised one million Ethiopian Birr (approximately Ugshs70m).

TPLF, a group designated as terrorist by the Ethiopian Parliament, lost the country’s power after 27 years and then resorted to planning and implementing violence in Tigray as well as neighboring regions of Afar and Amhara with an intent of forcing regime change.

During TPLF’s occupation in Afar and Amhara, the group raped women and girls, vandalized education institutions, health facilities and burnt places of worship. The devastating atrocities took centre stage with impunity.

At the beginning of this year, Plus News reporter, Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, visited Afar and Amhara regions which were invaded by TPLF. He reported that “the situation there revealed devastating living conditions and a worrisome future for the local communities.”

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“The trappings of the war taken to their doorsteps by invading forces (TPLF) from neighbouring Tigray region, are not only evident on their faces, but also, in all corners of the two regions”

“When I arrived at Semera Airport in Afar and travelled by road within the region, and later in Dessie and Kombolcha towns in Amhara as I interviewed the locals, I nearly brokedown as they painfully narrated how the disheartening hostilities unfolded,” Kungu Al-mahadi Adam reported.

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In Amhara region, TPLF looted and vandalized health centers, schools, and other public infrastructures including Wollo University, one of the topmost Universities in Amhara. Kungu Al-mahadi Adam reported that the institution was both wrecked and ruptured.

Plus News reporter, Kungu Al-mahadi Adam standing next to one of the buildings of Wollo University in Amhara region, whose window glasses were destroyed by TPLF.

The University was demolished by TPLF fighters who vandalized it and stole properties worth 10 billion Birr (about $208m), according to the administration.

“Computer frames, broken pieces of door and window glass as well as torn-apart books are littered right from the front of the entrance of the main building to almost every inside part of the building,” Kungu reported in January.

Wollo University is both wrecked and ruptured

“In the compound, just a few meters on entry, you clearly see vandalized equipment, damaged structures and windows. Just like at the Kasagita mosque, empty bottles of beer, both used and unused condoms, blood stained bandages, used syringes are all spread inside the building,” he added.

Dr Muhammed Idris, the Deputy Director of Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said, “It will take us decades to bring the university to its normal status. Every floor, every item, laboratory equipments and everything was looted by the TPLF.”

In addition to the 10 billion Birr worth destruction and looting by TPLF in Wollo University, regional authorities indicated that over 279 billion Birr (about $5.8 billion) property was damaged by the terrorist group in the area.

This is not the first time Ethiopians living in Uganda convene to associate with developments in their country. In December last year, they gathered at the Ethiopian Embassy in hundreds to denounce the terrorist designated TPLF and as well rejected the meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

Members of the Ethiopian Community in Uganda gathering in December to express support to the government of Ethiopia and disapproval of misinformation about Ethiopia by Western media.

Holding placards and wearing T-shirts written on “No More”, the participants criticized the West and the U.S for what they called neo-colonial agendas in Africa.

They also slammed the international media for their misrepresenting and misreporting facts on the Tigray conflict as well as their deliberate disinformation campaigns against Ethiopia.

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