Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, the Minister of Works and Transport, has emphasized the importance of patience and trusting the process rather than rushing for wealth, attributing impatience to the country’s corruption issues.

Katumba explained that in order to curb corruption and get reliable riches, youth need to respect their jobs, work diligently, highlighting the significance of a patient and smart approach.

“When you get any job, respect it, work patiently and smartly, then the sky will be the limit,” Katumba cautioned.

These remarks were made during the book launch of “Think You Can” by Mawanda Ivan in Kampala on Thursday.

This book which is a masterpiece on mindset and transformation, promotes progress beyond imagination and serves as a valuable tool for encouraging reason.

Gen. Katumba commended the author for his contribution and advised him about living a life guided by intelligence and integrity.

The Minister also called upon parents to exercise due diligence with their children, especially during the holidays and to always provide them with support and motivation during difficulties.

Maj. Herbert Ndiwalana, Ivan’s guardian and mentor, emphasized the importance of patience, persistence, productivity, good friendships, self-value, and a God-fearing and disciplined approach for youth.

Dr. Lina Zedriga, NUP Vice President for Northern Uganda, praised the inspirational and guiding nature of the book, urging those without a copy to acquire one promptly.

In his remarks, Mawanda Ivan the author, noted that he got the inspiration from his struggling background and he aims to help the current generation think in a matrix way and to overcome discouragement from initial failures.

“If you think you can, you have to perceive the cost of what it takes to get to where you want, you must keep your goals and be willing to attain what you hope for,” Ivan further explained.

Ivan encouraged Ugandans to purchase his publication, emphasizing its value for the millennial generation in showcasing intellectual capabilities irrespective of their backgrounds.

The book, recently recommended by the Education Ministry and available on Amazon, focuses on thinking long term and enhancing predictive abilities.

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